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1. Do I need to pay a deposit to secure my booking?

Yes, during the booking process you will be asked to pay a deposit via PayPal (www.paypal.com). Please see our terms and conditions for details of the deposit payable. 

2. Can I pay my remaining balance online? 

No, the balance for your tour is payable at the Park in cash in ฿ (Thai Baht). Payment by credit card is NOT accepted.

3. What are the rates for Adults, Children and Infants?

Please see our terms and conditions section heading: Pricing: Adults, Children and Infants for pricing details for our two most populist tours:- our half-day group tour (B) Memorable Caring Experience and our full-day group tour (C) Amazing Full Day. 

Pricing information for our private half-day tour (A) Serene Boutique Elephant Care and our tour (D) Overnight Elephant Care can be found under the ‘Elephant Tours’ tab on our website Home page. 

4.What is your Cancellation Policy?

Please see our terms and conditions for details of our Cancellation and No Show Policy. We recommend all Visitors have travel insurance in place to cover cancellation charges in the event of sickness or accident.  

5. Do you charge for Infants 3 years old and under? 

No, if the Infant does not occupy a seat on the vehicle to/from the Park. If they occupy a seat they will be charged at the Child Rate (30% of the Adult Rate).

Please see our terms and conditions for further details.

6.  Is it possible to change the date of my tour?  

Yes, subject to availability. We do not charge for the first change of tour date.  

7. What is the difference between (A) Serene Boutique Elephant Care and (B) Memorable Caring Experience?  

Tour (A) Serene Boutique Elephant Care is a half day private tour which guarantees it will be your group only. (B) Memorable Caring Experience is a half day group tour where you will be joined by other Visitors.  

8. How far is the Park from Chiang Mai and how long does the journey take?  

The Park is situated in Mai Taeng, approximately 60 kms north of Chiang Mai. It takes approximately 1 hour to reach, once all visitors have been picked up from their hotel/accommodation (depending on traffic conditions).  

9. Do tours take place every day? 

Yes, the Park operates 365 days per year.  

10. Do tours still go ahead if it is raining on the day?  

Yes, elephants love the rain!  We provide you with a Park uniform, rubber boots and a hat. Our Visitors have the opportunity to bathe with our elephants in the lake so you will be getting wet even when it is blue skies and sunny!

11. How many Visitors do you have on your tours?

This varies day by day. During the high season (November to April) our tours are at their busiest. We limit all of our tours to a maximum of 30 Visitors. For those people looking for a more private experience we recommend our tour (A) Serene Boutique Elephant Care (a half day private tour).  

12. Do I need to book in advance?  

All tours must be booked in advance. During the high season (November to April), when tours can become fully booked, it is advisable to book your tour as soon as you have confirmed travel dates to secure the tour and date of your choice. It is always worth checking last minute availability as we may have unexpected cancellations.  

13. Do I need travel insurance? 

All Visitors are covered by our personal accident insurance and medical expenses policy (limits and conditions apply). We recommend that all Visitors have individual emergency medical and travel insurance in place.  

14.  What do I need to bring with me? 

A towel, insect repellent, sunglasses, pair of socks (for the rubber boots provided), sunscreen, swimwear, spare clothes, camera/smart phone, and most importantly your smile and love for our elephants! 

15. Can you pick me up at the airport, bus or train station for my tour? 

We recommend staying in Chiang Mai city the night prior to your visit to the Park. Flights, buses and trains are often late and we cannot wait at stations or airports. If you wish to go straight to the Park and have us wait for you then we can arrange a private vehicle for you. The cost per vehicle will be advised when you provide us with details of your requirements. 

16. Can I make my own way to the Park? 

Yes, you are welcome to make your own way to the Park and join one of our tours. You will need to make a booking and pay your deposit. There is a reduction of ฿200 per person if you make you own way to the Park. Please note, to avoid delays to the tour, you need to arrive punctually at the Park by the time stated at the time of your booking as you will be joining other Visitors. 

17. Does the lunch provided cater for vegetarians, vegans or people with food allergies?

Yes, please advise your Guide on the day of your tour.

18. Can I carry a rucksack or backpack on the walk with the elephants?

No, this is purely for safety reasons. As you will be walking with the elephants and they are free to roam around you there is a danger an elephant may grab your bag with their trunk as they think it contains food. There are storage lockers at the Park and you can also leave any bags in the locked vehicle you came to the Park in. If you have any medical, or other need, to carry urgent items on the walk, please notify your Guide.

19. Can I use a drone at Elephant Rescue Park?

No, drones are strictly forbidden as they scare our elephants which could result in danger for our visitors, team, and of course, our elephants.


Elephant Rescue Park 



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