Elephant Rescue Park - Introduction to our special project for homeless elephants.                           

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We know there’s many elephant camps for you choose from, this can be very daunting at times knowing which one to choose, I urge you to do some research first.

We Don’t Rent Elephants
Many camps around Chiang Mai actually rent elephants, they don’t own them. This can be misleading because the camp you visit is not the elephants real home they just bring them for show – yes you can walk, feed, bathe and interact with the elephants but you don’t really know their full background or get to see their actual living quarters.

Elephant Rescue Park is the real deal, we don’t hide anything from you, all our elephants live with us permanently.

Our objective is to provide a loving secure and natural environment for these magnificent animals. This can only be achieved with your help and support by visiting our beautiful sanctuary.

Your Visit
On your visit you’ll have the opportunity to have one-on-one interactions, things like feeding, walking, playing and bathing with them, plus so much more. Of course this all depends on your choice of activity. Also, you’ll learn all about our elephants backgrounds, get to meet our Mahouts (the most important human and guardian in each elephant’s life) and get to ask as many questions as you like.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, getting to learn all about these highly sensitive and emotional animals.

Elephant Rescue Park have four special elephant tours for you to choose from. These unique and well-organised programme tours are purely designed to help fund our elephant park. All profits from our tours goes back to the elephants and towards rescuing new ones.

Take A Look Inside

Customer  Experiences

Experience our Elephant Rescue Park, a designed paradise for homeless elephants.

A project that started from our hearts,  a dream of ours that’s now become reality. Tourist don’t see behind the scenes and the true facts that go on at other well known elephant sanctuaries, we have nothing to hide here, we show and explain everything to you.

Pure Satisfaction

Our customers speak volumes

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Please Help Fund Our Elephants

Your Visit Means So Much

Don’t worry we put your money to good use. Elephant Rescue Park has put together four special elephant tours for you to choose from, these unique and well-organised programme tours are purely designed to help fund our park, provide more elephant rescues, food and veterinary care.

Elephant Rescue Park 



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