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Sponsor an Elephant

Now you can choose one of our family at Elephant Rescue Park to support and help us to beat COVID-19!

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For a one off payment of ฿3,000 THB ($93 USD, £68 GBP, €79 EUR), via PayPal, you will get:

  • to sponsor an elephant of your choice at Elephant Rescue Park for 1 year
  • a Certificate of Sponsorship
  • details regarding the background of your chosen elephant
  • an elephant key facts document
  • periodic updates from Elephant Rescue Park (June and December)
  • the knowledge that all of your sponsorship money (minus PayPal fees) goes towards feeding and caring for your chosen elephant

For further details of each of our elephants please go to Meet Our Elephants.

NOTE: The prices in USD, GBP and EUR are based on exchange rates as at July 2021.

To sponsor your chosen elephant, please complete the “Sponsorship Form” below.

Background to our Elephant Sponsorship Scheme:

  • Elephant Rescue Park has had very few visitors since 21st March 2020
  • No visitors means no income
  • Staff laid off, Mahouts (Elephant Carers) on reduced salaries
  • Thailand’s borders remain closed to the vast majority of International Tourists
  • We may have only a few visitors for many months to come
  • COVID-19 affecting food supplies and price

At Elephant Rescue Park we are doing all we can to make sure our elephant family is well fed and cared for.

To help us through these difficult and challenging times, we launched an Elephant Sponsorship Scheme in May 2020.

The Scheme was designed and created and is being run by our two English Volunteers, who live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As it is administered electronically, we can ensure there are no costs involved (apart from PayPal fees) in running the Scheme.

A great present to yourself or gift for others!

Thank you from all of our elephants and team at Elephant Rescue Park from the bottom of our hearts. 🙏💕

Mr Kid
Elephant Rescue Park’s Founder

On receipt of your Sponsorship Form, we will contact you via email confirming our PayPal account details.

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If you have any questions or require further information regarding our Elephant Sponsorship Scheme please email us at elephantrescuepark@gmail.com

Thank You!