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Elephant Food Donation Programme

Please help feed our elephant family during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Elephant Food Donation Program

In late March 2020 we were forced to close the Park due to COVID-19. Whilst the Park is now open and we have a trickle of visitors, who are based in Thailand, it may be many months before international tourists will be allowed back in to Thailand on any scale. The impact is significant and is seriously threatening our survival.

During the rainy season we can walk our elephants into the mountains to feed. However, we still have to buy a truck load of grasses every 2 days at a cost of ฿4,000 per truck, so ฿60,000 per month. And this is just the cost of the grasses. This cost increases during the dry season to ฿120,000 per month.

To help us through these difficult and challenging times we have launched an Elephant Food Donation Programme enabling our supporters to donate money to help towards the cost of food for our elephants. This Programme will all be administered electronically, we can ensure there are no costs involved in running the Programme (apart from PayPal fees).

To make your donation for elephant food, please complete click on the “Elephant Food Donation Form Button” below.

The donation options range from ฿300 for a treat of a small basket of bananas, mangoes or water melons up to ฿4,000 for a truck load of grasses.

Every donor will receive a Certificate of Elephant Food Donation as a token of our appreciation.

Thank you from all of our elephants and team at Elephant Rescue Park from the bottom of our hearts. 🙏 💕

Mr Kid
Elephant Rescue Park’s Founder

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+ Please note that to maximise your donation for fruit, we will purchase according to what is the best value, depending on the season.

NOTE: The prices in USD, GBP and EUR are based on exchange rates as at July 2021.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding our Elephant Food Donation Programme please email us at donate@elephantrescuepark.com.

Thank You!