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Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration project began with one very special elephant – Jeab. This is her story…

Before Jeab came to Elephant Rescue Park, she was used in the elephant tourist riding industry, and obtained two deep gashes in both back feet after stepping onto sharp metal shards. These gashes had been infected for 11 months, and her former owner did not treat her well. When she moved to the park, it was too late.

During her stay with us, Jeab was very happy to have a nice shelter built by the project, receive good care and good food. In late April 2016, we decided to buy her with a big budget just to save her life.

On 4 June 2016, we decided to send her to the Elephant Hospital, at the recommendation of vets, for better treatment at ETCC in Lampang province. The treatment took 10 days. Sadly on 14 June 2016, she could not stand from her pain and she died at 3:30 p.m. She was 37 years old. We brought her back to the Park and buried her here. She will stay with us forever.

Sorry Jeab! We tried our best. We miss her every day but she is our inspiration to keep going.

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Don’t worry we put your money to good use. Elephant Rescue Park has put together four special elephant tours for you to choose from, these unique and well-organised programmes are purely designed to help fund our park, provide more elephant rescues, food and veterinary care.

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