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Elephant Rescue Park

Established August 2015 to provide a home for rescued and abused elephants

marchand agathemarchand agathe
11:45 28 Nov 23
Magnificent experience, half day with the elephants, we were able to feed them, bathe with them!Thank you so much
Mireia Caballé SerenaMireia Caballé Serena
17:23 27 Nov 23
We had a good day, it doesn't seem like they treat the elephants badly, it's better than being mistreated in circuses, for riding, or for work... but still, the taste is bittersweet. They look like dogs, with their established schedule for everything, their time for walks, meals... they don't leave the elephants at ease. Everything is very guided so that you can do it with the “tourist”. In short, the real shame is that people who are mentally ill have committed such cruelty to them and now it is impossible to return them to their habitat.
For raising elephants that are not sitting on elephants, you can use the service here.
Zsuzsa ReymeyerZsuzsa Reymeyer
12:16 13 Nov 23
Sandra WeberSandra Weber
08:03 08 Nov 23
We had so much fun! We booked the full day trip and were lucky because there were only 4 of us in the morning. First we learned a lot about the elephants and prepared the food, which we were able to feed directly to an elephant and let it experience something. After a generous and good lunch, a larger group went for a walk and then bathed all the other elephants.It was an absolute highlight and we would recommend it to everyone!
Robert S.Robert S.
08:32 06 Nov 23
What a great day and the staff very friendly and it is their passion not a job. Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience.
A superb experience, we can see the strong bond that there is between each caregiver and the elephant they accompany. We followed the elephants according to their desires and they were not forced to interact with us!I booked directly at the office in the old town and the process went very well as well as the support.
Julie GorisJulie Goris
02:02 01 Nov 23
Amazing people, food, nature and the elephant live a happy life 🙂 Great experience!
Travel & DiscoverTravel & Discover
10:39 30 Oct 23
Lots of space for the animals, you feed them and prepare the food. I didn't know that elephants eat every two hours. Interesting and worth a visit
Roberth OliveiraRoberth Oliveira
02:27 29 Oct 23
It was a good experience seeing elephants for the first time, they seemed to be well treated and not forced to do anything. They give you a short explanation of the differences between domestic elephants and wild elephants.
We went to the Park with a 4 year old and a 6 months old baby. Everything was very well organized, you have enough time for each activity, no rush. Food was good even for a picky 4 year old and there are sofas and benches for breastfeeding and changing the baby. The staff is friendly, accommodating & helpful (one the members even rode a bike to the nearest store to get our kid a Coke). Our guide Shy was always ready to answer a thousand Whats & Whys coming from our child and made her feel safe and comfortable while playing with the elephants.Wouldn't recommend going there with kids in the summer, it was quite hot even in October, but I bet the experience would be even more enjoyable in the cooler months.
Miguel RodriguesMiguel Rodrigues
06:03 16 Oct 23
I was sceptical before coming in because of reviews of other places. I couldn’t be more wrong. From what I could see, the elephants are happy and treated wonderfully. I don’t want to spoil the visit to anyone, but the whole tour consists in taking care of the elephants (not the other way around) - as it should be. It is also clear the love and care the staff has for the elephants and also for providing a great experience to the visitors. Thank you guys so so much for this wonderful memory!
it was the most amazing and unforgettable trip of my life. it changed me. such close contact with these great animals revealed something new in me. the desire to be close to nature and do everything possible to protect it. I have not seen a bad attitude towards elephants. we fed them and washed and bathed with them. it is a great honor to be next to those who save animals from a hellish life. I wish you prosperity and save as many of these incredible animals as possible!
Yunru LaiYunru Lai
06:05 30 May 23
It's one of the pricier elephant parks but it's worth the money imo. 3000 THB pp for the full day program. The park was huge and the guides seemed very knowledgeable. We met with 5 elephants in total. We mainly fed one and walked with three. There were only 5 people in our group so we had plenty of opportunities to interact with the elephants. We encountered the half day program and there were way more people in their group. I think the number of people changes based on how many people sign up that day. So go during the down season if you can to maximize the experience.
Rachael SandersRachael Sanders
04:22 12 May 23
After spending ages searching online for the right place, I finally found Elephant Rescue Park and I’m so glad we did. Be careful when searching online as there are a few with a similar name that aren’t helping rescued Elephants - this is the place you’re looking for. We did a full day tour with the elephants and it was such a magical, once in a lifetime experience. They pick you up from your hotel. We were VERY lucky that nobody else booked on our date so we basically had a private tour. However groups are still good sized and you’re given plenty of time to hang out with the elephants. You learn about the food they eat and prepare snacks for them before being able to feed them. Then after lunch (freshly made Thai food, very delicious) you get to walk with them and then bathe them. Memories that will last a lifetime. Pong was such a great guide and all the staff had genuine love and care for the elephants and treated them like family. Highly recommend and thank you to Pong and the team!
Marina LeizerionokMarina Leizerionok
03:55 07 Feb 23
These are people with golden hearts. Their care for the elephants is endless and they really treat them as a family. As for the activity, it was perfect. We were picked on time from our hotel, we changed to the uniforms and then we were engaged in feeding the elephants, walking with them and bathing them for a few minutes only (just when they wanted to). The activity also involved a big educational part on elephants in general and the sanctuary elephants in particular. The story of the first rescued elephant who passed away was just heartbreaking. Now there are currently 8 elephants there. I really hope they continue getting enough support for their important mission.
Kyle LohmanKyle Lohman
04:32 06 Jan 23
I recently visited Elephant Rescue Park and was blown away by the level of care and dedication that the owner and staff have for the elephants. From the moment we arrived, it was clear that the well-being of the elephants was the top priority.The owner was incredibly knowledgeable about elephants and was able to share a wealth of information with us. It was clear that they have a true passion for these majestic animals and are dedicated to providing them with the best possible care.The sanctuary itself was impeccably clean and well-maintained, and the elephants seemed to be thriving in their environment. They had plenty of space to roam and interact with each other, and the staff was constantly monitoring their well-being and providing them with everything they needed.We did a lot of research before choosing a sanctuary to visit, and Elephant Rescue Park stood out as the clear choice. It is clear that they are an ethical and responsible sanctuary that truly cares about the welfare of their elephants. I would highly recommend a visit to anyone who loves elephants and wants to support a sanctuary that truly makes a difference.
Jamie DupreyJamie Duprey
03:07 17 Dec 22
One of the best experiences we’ve had in our 5 months travelling the world. For starters, the owner Mr Kid is really knowledgable on everything to do with elephants and their welfare, these are rescued elephants from the circus, logging etc and you can really tell he has the passion and care to change these elephants life. He sat with us for 2 hours on the night time (as we done the overnight stay) to educate us about the elephants, the history of the rescue park and the fact he even remortgaged his own house just to get one elephant away from the circus! He and all of the other guides and mahouts made the experience unforgettable. The overnight stay was great and I’d definitely recommend that, it is a little pricier however you get all meals included as well as an overnight stay in the cabin which has everything you need. Plus if you spend more money, more goes towards the elephants well-being and car which for me is a big positive. You get to walk the elephants up the mountains, bathe them as well as play with them and enjoy their company. They are expertly taking care of by all staff and their mahouts and you can really tell they care for these elephants, they all have their individual names and are all cared for individually with different diets! A lot of work goes into this rescue park and I have not spoke to an owner of a business who has cared so much not just for the elephants but for his staff and his family too, it was a real pleasure to experience this, you MUST go for the overnight tour. It is a way more personal than experience, me, my girlfriend and our 2 friends thoroughly enjoyed the full trip. Thanks Mr Kid and all of the staff and elephants, shout-out to our baby Buma hope you’re doing well !!
14:29 18 Oct 22
Very knowledgeable guide! He and the other caretakers seemed very caring about the elephants.We made and applied medicine to the elephant with an injury, fed the elephants bananas and sugarcane, walked with them and also washed them.They also arranged lunch for us and at the end of the day we received fresh coconut juice with rice cracker 🥥Would recommend!
01:21 01 Jul 22
Elephant Rescue Park is most likely the best elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai. Thanks to our guide Am who is very knowledgeable about the elephants and speaks good English. The elephants here are really well taken care by their mahouts who kinda have great bonding with the elephants. Mr Kid,the owner of the place is really dedicated in taking great care of the elephants and not into profit making mindset. His efforts and work done for these gentle giants are very impressive. I took the whole day package and it was really amazing. We really get to spend lots of time with the elephants. The park also has great accomodation for those who plan on doing their overnight package. The view is really nice. Will definitely come back again and recommend to family and friends.
Elaine NgElaine Ng
01:19 01 Jul 22
This is by far the best place to visit in Chiang Mai for us. A hidden gem of Chiang Mai. The place is so beautifully tucked away in a corner near the mountains and water, plenty of area for the elephants to enjoy. We had the 1 day package, and if we'd known better we would choose the overnight package ! Their accomodation is amazing with a great view. Overlooking the place where the elephants come for food. The guide was very knowledgeable about the elephants and the care taker of the elephants have a relationship with them so you feel safe with the elephants. The owner (Mr.Kid) is a man who has a genuine love for this majestic creature, and a man we are more than happy to support in this quest to educate people about elephants and why they are truly, the King of the jungle. If you are an animal lover and nature's lover, you MUST come here. It was an unforgettable experience for husband and me, and we will definitely come here again. Amazing amazing. I give it 10 stars if I could. You can find many elephant parks here in Chiang Mai, but I guarantee you, this is the best by far. God bless this team of elephant lovers, that they can continue doing what they do, to make the world a better place for these gentle loving creatures.
Lucas BaronLucas Baron
12:48 10 Jun 22
Amazing experience with Elephant Rescue Park. The association takes really care of the elephants and devoted to their defense. Pong (the guide) is really kind, attentive and always ready to talk about the park and the northern thaï culture 🇹🇭🐘
Alvaro VegaAlvaro Vega
06:17 31 May 22
One of the best experiences that I had in Thailand! Thanks for all the great work that you do ❤️‍🩹🐘♥️I did the full day one and it was a bit long for me, but because I’m a lazy person.Both half and full day options are totally worth it!
Rachael O'NRachael O'N
13:20 27 Apr 22
I contacted the park via email to arrange visiting and got a reply back with confirmation date, time and what I should bring with me booking was very simple and quick! Pong was our guide and was extremely passionate and friendly and full of energy. He educated us and answered any questions we had. This isn’t a tour to just take photos you will learn a lot about the elephants. Every single member of staff we met you could see that they had a genuine passion for the elephants. We did the full day and it is a day that I will not forget in a long time. A highlight of my trip to Thailand. Thank you to all the staff and elephants🐘❤️

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Chiang Mai Elephant Rescue Park Does Not Rent Elephants.

Our rescue park in Chiang Mai was built specially for elephants that live with us permanently, we purchase and rescue them from places like circuses, logging industry, mistreatment camps, hard working sites and unfortunate accidents. What we do is absolutely inspiring. We are very knowledgeable and caring of our elephants. You’ll learn so much about elephants and what it takes to treat them with the respect that they deserve and need. If you want to be a part of something special and experience a place where elephants are treated with total respect and kindness, then this elephant sanctuary Thailand is the perfect place for you.

Elephant Rescue Park

So Where Does Your Money Go?

Don’t worry we put your money to good use. Elephant Rescue Park has put together four special elephant tours for you to choose from, these unique and well-organised programmes are purely designed to help fund our Park, provide more elephant rescues, food and veterinary care.

Elephant Rescue Park Thailand

Chiang Mai’s best elephant park is simply a sanctuary for rescued elephants, situated in a pristine and picturesque valley of Chiang Mai.

Our primary objective here is to provide a safe, loving and secure environment for all the elephants that come and live with us, this can only be achieved with your help and support. Don’t forget, all monies raised from our tours goes back to our elephants and towards rescuing new ones. You’ll get to feed them, walk with them, hug them, play with them, bathe with them and so much more.

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Don’t worry we put your money to good use. Our rescue park has put together an elephant rescue programme that’s purely designed to help fund our park, provide more elephant rescues, food and veterinary care.

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