Elephant Rescue Park - Introduction to our special project for homeless elephants.                           

Elephant Rescue Park

Established August 2015 to provide a home for rescued and abused elephants Book TodayMap Directions

Chiang Mai Elephant Rescue Park Does Not Rent Elephants.

Our rescue park in Chiang Mai was built specially for elephants that live with us permanently, we purchase and rescue them from places like circuses, logging industry, mistreatment camps, hard working sites and unfortunate accidents. What we do is absolutely inspiring. We are very knowledgeable and caring of our elephants. You’ll learn so much about elephants and what it takes to treat them with the respect that they deserve and need. If you want to be a part of something special and experience a place where elephants are treated with total respect and kindness, then this elephant sanctuary Thailand is the perfect place for you.

Elephant Rescue Park

So Where Does Your Money Go?

Don’t worry we put your money to good use. Elephant Rescue Park has put together four special elephant tours for you to choose from, these unique and well-organised programmes are purely designed to help fund our Park, provide more elephant rescues, food and veterinary care.

Elephant Rescue Park Thailand

Chiang Mai’s best elephant park is simply a sanctuary for rescued elephants, situated in a pristine and picturesque valley of Chiang Mai.

Our primary objective here is to provide a safe, loving and secure environment for all the elephants that come and live with us, this can only be achieved with your help and support. Don’t forget, all monies raised from our tours goes back to our elephants and towards rescuing new ones. You’ll get to feed them, walk with them, hug them, play with them, bathe with them and so much more.

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Help Save Our Elephants

Don’t worry we put your money to good use. Our rescue park has put together an elephant rescue programme that’s purely designed to help fund our park, provide more elephant rescues, food and veterinary care.

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