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Elephant Rescue Park

Established August 2015 to provide a home for rescued and abused elephants

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Welcome to Elephant Rescue Park Tours! Our sanctuary is dedicated to providing a safe and loving environment for elephants rescued from the circus, logging industry, and other mistreatment camps. We are passionate about their welfare and believe in making a positive difference in their lives. At Elephant Rescue Park Tours, you get to experience first-hand the joy of walking with elephants, bathing them, and enjoying their company. Our knowledgeable guides are dedicated to educating visitors about these magnificent creatures, our rescue park’s history, and our commitment to their well-being. By choosing our tours, you not only have an unforgettable experience but also contribute towards the elephants’ welfare. Join us on a journey of compassion and discovery at Elephant Rescue Park Tours!

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Elephant Rescue Park Chiang Mai, where elephants are cherished, does not engage in the practice of renting these majestic creatures.

Our rescue park in Chiang Mai is dedicated to providing a forever home for elephants rescued from circuses, logging industries, mistreatment camps, harsh working sites, and unfortunate accidents. What we do here is truly inspiring. We have extensive knowledge and care deeply for our elephants. By visiting us, you’ll gain a wealth of information about elephants and witness firsthand the respect and kindness they deserve. If you’re looking to be part of something extraordinary and experience a place where elephants are treated with utmost care and compassion, our elephant sanctuary in Thailand is the perfect choice for you.

Elephant Rescue Park

So Where Does Your Money Go?

Don’t worry, your money is being put to good use at Elephant Rescue Park. We have developed four special elephant tours for you to choose from. These distinctive and well-organized programs are specifically crafted to support our park, enabling us to rescue more elephants and provide them with essential nourishment and veterinary care. So Where Does Your Money Go? Select one of our elephant tours and make a positive impact today.

Elephant Rescue Park Thailand

Chiang Mai’s premier Elephant Rescue Park is an idyllic haven dedicated to protecting and rehabilitating rescued elephants. Located in the breathtaking valley of Chiang Mai, this sanctuary offers a pristine and picturesque setting for these magnificent creatures to thrive.

Our primary objective at Elephant Rescue Park is to create a safe, loving, and secure environment for all the elephants that come to live with us. With your generous help and support, we can achieve this goal together. By participating in our tours, you not only have the incredible opportunity to feed, walk with, hug, play, and bathe with these majestic creatures, but you also contribute directly to our ongoing efforts in rescuing new elephants. Every penny raised from our tours goes back into caring for our elephants and expanding our rescue missions. Join us in making a difference and experience the heartwarming connection with these gentle giants.

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Help Save Our Elephants

Don’t worry, your money at Elephant Rescue Park is put to good use. We have developed an elephant rescue program dedicated to funding our park and providing essential resources such as food, veterinary care, and additional rescues for these majestic animals.

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Elephant Rescue Park 



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