Elephant Rescue Park - Introduction to our special project for homeless elephants.                           

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35 years old

Thai Asian Elephant
Been at the park in December 2015- June 2016
Rescued from Loging and Riding Industry

Status : Passaway on 14th June 2016 from her sikness at hospital in Lampang

Jeab has been with the Elephant Rescue Park since December 2015. 
Before she came to the Elephant Rescue Park, she was used in the elephant riding industry, and obtained two deep gashes in both back feet after stepping into sharp metal shards. These gashes have been infected for 11 months, and her former owner did not treat her well. When she moved to the park,it was too late. During her stay with us,she was very happy to have a nice shelter built by the project,good care and good food. Untill late April,we decided to buy her with big budget just to save her.

On 4th June 2016, we decided to send her to Elephant Hospital as recommenation of vets for a better treatment at ETCC in Lampang province. The treatment took 10 days.And on 14th,she could not stand for her pain so she died at 3.30 p.m. Then We brought some parts of her body back to the park and  burried her at the park. She will stay with us forever.

Sorry Jeab! We have tried our best.

Rest In Peace!