Memorable caring experience

I would like to thank Jackie and Chang for today at the elephant rescue park.
It was very hard to find a park where elephants are treated well and I heard about this camp thanks to my friends.
It was a memorable day and my dream came true 🙂
I was wondering if everything I read on the website was true, and it was. We walked with 3 babies elephant and one adult for 1h30. Viewpoints are beautiful.Then we gave them a bath and washed them.
I couldn’t imagine that we will interact so much with elephants.
Most of the elephants are just set up for business but thanks to this camp, they are rescued and they take care about them.
If you hesitate between two parks, choose this one. Trust me 🙂
Thanks a lot for this wonderful half day !
Maybe I will come back as volunteer

Julie D

E.R.P Customer, TripAdvisor