It couldnt have been better! This sanctuary is clearly filled with compassionate people who have a real love for elephants. All the mahouts were very friendly to the elephants and you could tell they had good relationships with them. Our tour guides Nancy and Andy were absolutely wonderful! They were very knowledgeable about elephants and so so friendly.
We first met the elephants and got to feed them bananas, then we began our walk up the hillside, this was very very cool for everybody because the elephants were choosing to follow us and making their own paths. None of the mahouts were leading or instructing the elephants to do anything. They were free roaming and choosing the paths we took, all of the elephants seemed happy the entire time. We then took them to the lake/pond and got to play with them and clean them in the water. This was a truly incredible experience and since this was at the end of the tour everyone had the confidence to go in the water with them and we all had fun. The elephants were not forced in any way to go in the water infact one of the babies was so excited he ran in like an excited little kid. When the elephants had had enough of the water they just exited on their own and proceeded to nibble on plants and hangout by the water. We then said goodbye to the elephants and mahouts and went back to the lodge for lunch. It was a wonderful & delicious thai meal (we had pad thai, I’m not sure if its the same for every tour) and after we finished our group got to have a talk with the owner of the park, I didnt catch his name but he was absolutely wonderful and you can really tell that he cares immensely for the elephants. Having him come and speak to us made the tour really personal for everyone and i think we all really enjoyed hearing about why he started elephant rescue park, current projects they are doing ect. I would reccomend this elephant park to anyone! You cant go wrong! These are amazing people with good hearts and the elephants are awesome!
Also please know that the Elephant Rescue National park is not this one, they have ripped off the name and dont even have a real sanctuary. They rent elephants from other places and are a non-ethical company. So make sure you are booking with this Elephant Rescue Park and not that one.